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The Reviews Are In

Praise for “Ignite Your Intuition.”

"Karges’ book reads like one of his high powered performances-energetic, fast-paced and full of positive encouragement and wonderment at the powers he is harnessing. Karges the author is every bit as entertaining as Karges the performer as he strongly encourages readers to try this at home."
NAPRA Journal

"His 186, conversationally written pages are filled with simple exercises he says the average person can use to improve memory and make wiser decisions. By combining rational, analytical thought with good old-fashioned gut feeling, Karges says people can take advantage of their underused brains. With tests, exercises and plenty of anecdotes, the book generates a belief that the mind is capable of more than it’s often used for."
Associated Press

"Forget about Austin Powers and his ‘mojo’. Move over baby, there is a new international mystery man on the scene who has far more charisma, charm and class. Craig Karges, the talented intuitive/extraordinist has decided to reveal his secrets to the public! Those of us who have seen him on Jay Leno and other numerous television programs bending spoons, levitating tables, and exercising mind-baffling powers of Psi, have been patiently waiting for the release of his new book ‘Ignite Your Intuition’. In his new book, he teaches us with various exercises and examples to develop our existing powers of the mind, and to achieve our full potential by honing the intuitive edge within."
Awareness Magazine

"If there ever was a helpful and basic guide for assisting people in opening up to the more unlimited and undefined aspects of their being, then this is an excellent selection. Easily digested by even the newest aspirant of intuitive development, it also provides concepts and exercises that even advanced students will find applicable and practical."
One Heart Magazine

"Readers will benefit from Karges’ no-nonsense writing style and from the startling results they’ll receive from trying the games and exercises he describes."
Intuition Magazine

"His goal is to show that learning how to use the whole brain will indeed make life better. Ignite Your Intuition discusses psychometry, meditation, interpreting dreams, using visuals to increase memory, and how intuition drives creativity. There is also a chapter teaching the ‘mind games’ Karges uses in his shows. If nothing else, the tricks will impress friends and family."
The Dallas Observer

"In this engaging book, readers will learn memory techniques and learn how to tap into their subconscious mind to enhance creativity, solve problems, make decisions, forecast their future and even learn how to be in the right place at the right time."
Montgomery Advertiser,
Montgomery, AL

"This book is by far the only book addressing the subject of developing intuition, which is comprehensible not only to the lay person, but also specifically to corporate types...the more we develop our intuition, whether it be psychometry, Psi, or basic memory improvement skills, all of which are outlined in the book, we increase our potential for maximum performance and clarity in decision-making skills, and this is exactly what this book enables us to do with simple and practical exercises."
Solutions Magazine

"The book is an accessible discussion of the mind, how it connects with our bodies, and how anyone can connect with the wonderful decision-making processes of our own subconscious minds. With insight and gentle humor, Ignite Your Intuition provides a variety of visualization and meditative techniques that can help you recognize and train your intuitive abilities (and) demonstrates the extraordinary connections we can all make between our minds and the world around us. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and entertained, by this book."
Fate Magazine

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