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The Reviews Are In

Praise for “Extraordinary Tales – Stories from the Road.”

"Wildly entertaining journey... If you enjoy travel and are remotely interested in the unknown, strange folklore or just getting a little spooked, this is the book for you."
Home and Away Magazine

"Combining fact, fiction and folklore, Extraordinary Tales: Stories from the Road by Craig Karges and J. David Diosi provides fascinating views of life, regardless of location. The 'road' traveled by Karges, covers the globe with unusual tales from various countries. Starting with the Mothman and Cornstalk's Curse at Point Pleasant, W.Va., the book delves into mysteries in a variety of locations such as the pyramids in Egypt, the purported location of Atlantis, and the foggy streets of London where Jack the Ripper roamed. Not only will the reader learn about extraordinary people and happenings in the 263-page trade paperback book, but they'll get a feel for the countries described and, at times, the problems with modern travel."
Betty J. Pokas, Area Editor, The Times Leader

"Extraordinary Tales: Stories from the Road, expounds on the traveling adventures of 'extraordinist' Craig Karges, just in time to mark his 30th year in the entertainment industry. Karges has traveled the globe many times over during his successful career. The book is split into 24 short stories, based on Karges' experiences in settings as varied as Hawaii, Alaska, London, Washington state, Sarajevo, Tokyo and Cairo. Each chapter includes a story of some sort of fascinating occurrence, legend or myth, allowing the reader to decide their validity. Karges said the nature of his performances and the fact that he is a 'stranger in town' seems to prompt people to open up to him about odd goings-on, from Bigfoot and alien sightings to miraculous events that could not have happened but the storyteller insists they did. Karges' thoughts are interspersed with the words of whomever is telling the amazing story in each chapter. Sometimes Karges' literary voice drips with sarcasm or disbelief, but usually by chapter-end, he emerges amazed if not a changed man.”
Betsy Bethel, Life Associate Editor, News-Register

"Interesting book, wow! We absolutely love this. Very fascinating stuff from Craig's adventures around the world."
Dave Nemeth, host, Daytime

“A memoir of his paranormal travel, Extraordinary Tales is a collection of short stories filled with ghost stories and other things that happened while living life on the road.”

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