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The Reviews Are In

Praise for "The Wizard’s Legacy."

"A wonderful story weaving the spiritual, the paranormal, and sheer magic into a nonstop tale of mystery which readers just devour. I highly recommend The Wizard’s Legacy."
Uri Geller,
the world’s most celebrated paranormalist,

"A fantastic story of wizards that walk the earth today. Magic exists and you’ll learn of those able to tap into the invisible side of life. Prepare to meet those wizards who not only probe but understand the invisible forces to alter destiny."
host of Erskine Overnight, syndicated by Business Talk Radio

"In this magical age of technology, Craig Karges reminds us that the most miraculous gadget ever is the human mind with its extraordinary power to change our lives."
Steve Kruschen,
television’s Mr. Gadget

"I heartily endorse Craig Karges’ book The Wizard’s Legacy. Craig has been an inspiration to college students for years as an entertainer and more importantly, a thought provoker. The Wizard’s Legacy is a terrific thought provoker and I highly recommend this magical journey to all students of life."
Dr. William Smedick,
Director of Leadership and Assessment Programs, Johns Hopkins University

"I found myself taken away on an amazing and interesting journey. The stories that are told are entertaining, funny, wondrous, and touching - all in a very human way. To the credit of the two authors, they not only bring the story to life, but they make the reader care about the characters and what goes on in their lives. There is not only a great deal here for magicians and mentalists but there is even more for the general public, because this is a story of family, relationships, and as the subtitle says, real magic. The Wizard’s Legacy was a journey that I enjoyed greatly the first time around, and I guarantee that I will spend more time with Doc and Craig again at some point in the future."
Rick Maue,
VOICES on-line magazine

"A wonderful book."
Giselle Fernandez,
KTLA-TV, Los Angeles

"Very well written and filled with inspiration."
Richard Mark,
Vibrations magazine

"... not only intriguing, but a well-written and exciting piece of literature."
American Corporate Entertainment magazine

"An artful blend of fact, creativity, and imagination... an engaging, fast read... I'll bet you enjoy the book thoroughly."
Phil Willmarth,
The Linking Ring magazine

"A book I can't say enough about ... This book is inspirational and motivational, a tale of a young boy dazzled by an uncle who teaches him that there is real magic in the world, not just the stuff magicians can perform. Through the book, the reader learns along with young Craig that nothing is impossible, if one is willing to open his or her mind to unlimited possibilities. The main character, Doc DeLyle, teaches that 'magic is all around us, if we only learn to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to life's wonders. Each of us has the power to magically transform our lives, to become anything we want.' The Wizard's Legacy is a book I could not put down. On finishing the book, I felt elated and inspired. Any book that makes me feel that way, and that also motivates me towards creativity and energy in my work is a book I need to tell everyone about."
Loyd Auerbach,
Fate magazine

"Do you believe in real magic? Do you need real magic in your life right now? In this autobiographical book called 'The Wizard's Legacy,' the reader joins Craig Karges through his summer of training as a teenager with his uncle, Alain DeLyle, to learn what he thought would be magic tricks but turned out to be much more. Alain DeLyle was a psychic-magician-performer at the Victoria Theatre in Wheeling, West Virginia. Craig Karges has become one of the world's most prominent mentalist performers, appearing on late night network TV and performing and teaching all over the world. The book tells of one amazing situation after another, where Craig's uncle teaches him how intuition connects him to this force so that he may be, have and do anything he can imagine with love and passion. Craig learns to accomplish one 'impossible' task after another from his dramatic, successful, larger than life uncle. After you read this book you will know that everything you want to do, have and be is possible. A situation in your life may seem completely impossible and you might not see any way it can improve or turn around, but it can and will if you believe, trust and love."
David Allinder,
Equal Magazine

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