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Extraordinary Tales

Extraordinary Tales – Stories from the Road
by Craig Karges and J. David Diosi

Extraordinary Tales

Craig Karges, speaker, author and entertainer takes you on a tour around the world visiting extraordinary places and encountering extraordinary people in the process. Extraordinary Tales is one part travel memoir and one part encyclopedia of the paranormal and the extraordinary. Travel the world with Craig as you:

• Solve the mystery of Atlantis in Greece.
• Search for King Solomon's Mines in Saudi Arabia and the     Ark of the Covenant in Jordan.
• Discover the father of modern magic in France.
• Take a walk with Jack the Ripper in England.
• Learn the secrets of the pyramids in Egypt.
• Come face-to-face with Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest.
• Meet the White Witch of Jamaica and explore the Bermuda
    Triangle in the Carribean.

From Singapore to Sardinia, Extraordinary Tales is a collection of stories gathered from around the world. You'll visit London, Paris, Cairo, Tokyo, San Francisco and Las Vegas as well as the tiny town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia home of the Mothman! It's a fun-filled world tour filled with ghost stories, vampires and crystal skulls!

Price: $15.00, plus shipping and handling.

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