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Extraordinary Tales

The Wizard’s Legacy – A Tale of Real Magic
by Craig Karges
with Jon Saint-Germain

Extraordinary Tales

The Wizard’s Legacy is a tale of real magic - part recollection, part speculation and part imagination. Looking back on a series of strange events, Craig Karges reveals how his path to success as an entertainer was not dictated by chance, but rather by an extraordinary plan conjured up years ago by his enigmatic uncle.

Thirteen-year-old Craig Karges wants more than anything to be a magician. Craig discovers that his great-uncle, Alain “Doc” DeLyle, is a retired vaudeville mind reader now working as a psychic consultant from his home on Wheeling Island. Craig enters a period of apprenticeship, learning that stage magic is not only a means to entertain audiences, but a powerful metaphor for the magic of life. Craig discovers that nothing is impossible, if the student is willing to open his mind to unlimited possibilities.

Xavier U Audience

Portrait of a Wizard, artist’s interpretation of Alain “Doc” DeLyle during the mystical summer of 1971.
Artwork by
Jon Saint-Germain

Doc teaches Craig that magic is all around us, if we only learn to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to life's wonders. Each of us has the power to magically transform our lives, to become anything we want.

Xavier U Audience

This hand painted window card was used to promote Alain “Doc” DeLyle’s largest theatrical tour that featured “The Girl in the Golden Casket” – better known to Craig Karges as his Aunt May!

When Doc passes away, Craig thinks his apprenticeship is finished. However, he discovers Doc’s lessons continue even after the teacher has crossed over. Craig (and the reader) learn to appreciate mystery, magic and -- most importantly -- meaning; to treasure loved ones while they are in our lives, and to hold their memories dear after they have gone. In this way, Doc teaches, they are always with us.

The Wizard’s Legacy, inspirational fiction by Craig Karges with Jon Saint-Germain, hardcover, 278 pages, 9 photographic illustrations.

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